Cycling is a great way of understanding and interacting with nature and one of the best places to do this in Kenya is Hells Gate National Park.

Bird Watchers

Kenya is a prime destination for a birdwatching holiday at any time of year. Tremendous geographical range gives Kenya a variety of climates and landscapes, hence the second highest number of species in Africa. Kenya holds the world-record 'bird watch' – with 342 species seen in 24 hours!

Kenya's national parks make excellent centres for bird watching in Kenya – the Maasai Mara for the rosy-throated longclaw and magpie shrike; the Samburu for the rare shining sunbird and pink breasted lark; and Nairobi for the northern pied-babbler and Pangani longclaw. Kenya' handful of endemics include the Tara River cisticola, the Aberdare cisticola; Hinde's pied-babbler; William's lark; Sharpe's pipit; and Clarke's weaver.

This diverse range of habitats supports a great diversity of bird species – and makes a birdwatching holiday in Kenya very rewarding!

Boat Riding

Lake Victoria &Lake Naivasha are most renowned fresh water lakes and boat safari ride allows you to spot Hippo and numerous Bird species including Kingfisher, Fish Eagle, Herons, Jacanas and more.

Lake Naivasha is remarkably picturesque, set against a purple backdrop of the Eburru volcanic mountain range and lined thick yellow barked Acacia Xanthophlea trees. In terms of wildlife Lake Naivasha is home to over a thousand protected Hippo and the shores of the lake also host small numbers of Giraffe, Zebra, Waterbuck and the odd eland and wildebeest. A Lake Naivasha Boat ride is therefore an exciting yet relaxing lake safari experience with plenty of interesting sights to enjoy.

Game Drive

A game drive is an adventure that entails viewing wildlife in the comfort of a safari vehicle that accommodates 4 to 6 people, a sure way to give you that classical safari feeling. Safari game drives are one of the most popular ways to see wildlife in the Masai Mara.

A safari game drive can vary in length and distance, depending on individual preferences. As you drive into the wilderness, you will be captivated the vast beauty of the savanna, with its rolling hills and infinite horizon. If you wish to use the safari vehicle exclusively for you and your companions, please advise us during reservation. We are very flexible and willing to simply work with you to include the level of exclusivity that you desire.


The highlands and forests of Kenya offer some fantastic trekking and hiking opportunities. Meander through montane forests, savannah, afro-alpine moorland and heathland in search of waterfalls, vistas, and wildlife, heading ever-deeper into the bush.

From beautiful open savanna plains to summits of rocky peaks and craggy mountains, Kenya's diversity in landscape means with every hike, scramble, and stroll you'll be surrounded unique and stunning scenery.

The famous Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa. At 5,199 metres, it is second only to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Kenya is renowned for its wildlife, and you'll see a range of animal life as you hike your way through dense forest, or across expansive valleys and lakes.